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Spent the bulk of my eight hour shift running back and forth. Mostly selling perfume and cologne. By the time lunch rolled around I was actually willing to go early. I usually prefer a late one, because I like coming back and having only a few hours before home time.

But today my everything hurt: bones, muscles, joints. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if my hair started hurting. And the internal difficulties I’ve been having over the last several months only compounded things. And when one of my managers wanted me to work on top shelf merchandise, which entailed climbing up and down in a ladder over and over, I wanted desperately to hide in a corner and cry.

But all the corners were occupied by shoppers looking to finish buying Christmas gifts. And they were all looking for gift sets they should have been looking for a month ago. We had all kinds of goodies a month ago. Not so much now that it’s three days out.

I’m grateful to have a gift-buying partner who is on the ball and starts as soon as he can. He also wrapped everything but gifts for himself. I’m at least not that lazy, my dudes. When we first got married we started gift buying in July. But we also didn’t have kids then.

There is supposed to be an ice storm over night. The temps are supposed to drop into the single digits. This has led many of my coworkers to assume that we aren’t going to be able to get to work tomorrow, so no one will be there.

However, based on the forecast I’m seeing, the rain won’t last long before it becomes snow, and the temps won’t drop until after the snow has stopped. So, my theory is I’ll be able to get to work fine.

But I’m only thinking that because if I don’t go in and not risk my life in possibly dangerous roads, everyone else will show up, and I’ll be the one will the unexcused absence.

So that means, unless my husband crawls out of bed at 6am and says, “honey don’t go to work, it’s too dangerous” (he currently believes it’s not gonna be bad enough to skip), then I’m going ice skating in a Ram. If you don’t see a post from me Saturday morning, then I died in an ice related accident.

Anywho, goodnight, my dudes. Merry Chrysler