Last night in my area we had what people said was called the storm a generation. Or something. It wasn’t even a fraction of that, to be honest. But I was afraid to risk the early morning drive to work and called out.

To be honest, I didn’t go and regretted it later. I hate missing days and my work has something called Key Dates that count as two absences because of seasonal business. I don’t know if today was one of those or just tomorrow, but I hope not.

But then, there’s supposed to be a thing where if it’s dangerous to travel they’re not supposed to count it against you? Anyway, I’m sure it’ll count against me and I’ll be screwed.

But anywho I spent basically the entirety of my unplanned day off working on the video for the second Drawing Challenge. The only reason it was less time is that our internet was out most of the day.

Despite 5 degree temps, the only problem we had was our internet, phone, and television.

Also, interesting fact, we’ve had the doggie door closed off all day because of the temps. My small dog wanted out desperately. So I opened it up and there is literal ice on the cover.

For context it is rarely this cold in KY.

She also has literally five minutes to get her skinny butt back in this house or she’s gonna be a pupscicle (she walked in as I typed this).

Also, my kid wanted to sleep in my bed. At first that was an adamant no, because I need my quiet time. But then I realized that there is a little bit of cold penetrating the window by her bed. Not an actual breeze but, when it is currently zero degrees, it’s impossible to keep out.

So, as I was reading her bedtime story (Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire) for the 100th time, I thought, she’s gonna get cold. So I turned to tell her to stay awake, after her story we’ll go to my room. Well, she was out. And I won’t wake a sleeping child.

She’ll likely wake up in an hour and I’ll let her crawl in beside me, like I always do.

Anywho, my head is pounding and my stomach is in a bad way, so I’m gonna peace out. Video will be up tomorrow.