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Swarovski Crystals Aren’t Really Crystals

They’re actually a type of fancy glass, basically.

I was watching a video from creator CelinaSpookyBoo, where she opened a Swarovski Advent calendar.

The Vidja in question

Honestly I’d be disappointed too, Celina. There was very little variety and one was broken! Anyway, it got me wondering, what really are those very expensive shiny things, anywho?

4 interest free payments of $44. Swarovski.com

“Crystals” seems like a Misnomer.

Am I using that word right?

Anyway, while crystals are beautiful and unique and spectacular (*is named Crystal*) I knew that naturally occurring crystals (*clears throat*) are rarely as pure and clear as Swarovski specimens are, I had to know what they actually are.

Glass. Fancy glass.

Swarovski Crystals are legit a man-made scientific masterpiece.

They’re actually led glass crystals created using quartz, sand, and minerals.

This website

They’re a non-naturally occurring glass bobble created with a patented process. Right down to the color and refraction of the “Crystal”.

How tho, bro?

Let’s go straight to the number one source I’d I formation on the internet. Wikipedia!

Wikipedia says nothing about how they came up with the process, just that they are a glad company that has been around since 1895, so almost 130 years. They wanted to create “a Diamond for everyone.” Which, to be honest, failed miserably if you have to spend $175 on a tiny Beauty and the Beast rose… but anyway…

Swarovski glass is produced by melting a mixture of quartz sand, soda, potash and other ingredients at high temperatures.

Wikipedia Duh

Turns out they stopped using led in their products, back in 2012. Anything before that time, contains led, in thr form of Lead Tetroxide. The color comes from a various types of metallic coating, creating different colors and effects.

Okay. So?

So? Bro, I got a sweet pair of Swarovski earrings for Christmas.

Listen don’t hate in my picture taking skills. I was too lazy to turn on my light and then The Kid decided to crawl in my bed. OkY?

I’m not dissing or downing or criticizing Swarovski Crystals, in fact, diamonds are super overrated and made way more expensive that necessary. They’re not rare like other more interesting gemstones.

I am also going to pretend in my head that The Hubs found said earrings on an amazing sale and didn’t spend a fortune on them. I am also resisting the urge to do more “research”.

Ya girl just gets curious and likes to know answers to questions. And then share the findings with you in a hastily writing blog.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and/or holiday season. It’s finally over. Goodnight.