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I mean, I’m playing the long game, but still.

As I stated in Tuesday’s post, I had a doctor appointment yesterday. And the very first paragraph of that post stated that my gynecologist wanted me to ask my doctor about a diabetes drug that helps with weight loss.

I also stated that I don’t go to her, or my regular doctor, for weight loss. I’m fact I’m more likely to lose my mind before I see a doctor over weight loss. The proof being the nagging pain near my right temple that my brain is telling me is an aneurysm.

But I digress.

As the previously mentioned post said, there was a whole list of things that I was planning on not discussing with my doctor. And while we did talk about “the movement” so to speak, I didn’t go into detail as to why I wanted to throw stool softener at his face.

What I did ask him about is chronic sinus issues. Turns out that taking a decongestant enabled allergy medication on the regular can actually do more harm than good. While I’m certain that my currently meds don’t have the D (ahem), it wants me to ween myself off of them in place of a different allergy medicine. So I have to show back up in three months


To see how the new meds are working for me.

Now, at the very beginning of the appointment I was weighed. A typical, standard practice for a medical appointment. Now, I have managed to maintain a steady 320 for years now. Not trying, not making an effort, it just very rarely varies.

At my gynecologist appointment a few weeks ago, yes, that appointment, I weighed 323 pounds. At my appointment yesterday I had gained two additional pounds. I was not shocked. Tis the holidays, my dudes. Not that I get to sit around and be immobile like people in other industries might, but we all get a little softer this time of year.

But I hadn’t (and won’t) forget what Gyno said to me, about the diabetes medicine for weight loss (Oxempic, if your wondering. I googled it but that’s all I know. Besides the fact that I read the weight loss part creating a shortage for diabetic people).

So I thought.

Maybe, I can stop Christmas from coming. But how??

Oh wait wrong thing sorry.

So I thought, I wish I could prove to her I don’t need drugs to lose weight. And then I thought, three months, that’s a nice short, but not too short, amount of time. And I’d be using the same scale (consistency is important).

So out of spite, I am going to try and see how much weight I can lose in three months. I’m not gonna put a number on it. I’m not going to take up a specific regimen. I’m going to do the same thing I did before I got pregnant.

The Plan

First: stop pop. I had my last Pepsi today. I didn’t even drink the whole can by myself. It was also the last cab in a 24 pack that The Hubs bought a few weeks prior.

Now I also just bought two 2 liters of my seasonal favorite drink, Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale. I have yet to crack that seal, but it will be cracked. I am not about that waste life.

Second: drink more water. I currently pack around where ever I go, a large pink jug of water. It’s 80oz. Now I know better than to think I’m gonna be able to finish the whole dang thing in one day, but it’s water I don’t have to buy at work and it’s convenient.

Next I am going to try and eat better: this one is obvious. The main issues I have is content and portion control. For example, for dinner I had three fricking corn dogs. Honestly, I was (and still am) exhausted beyond measure, and began to fall into a down episode. I did not feel like making healthy choices. I wanted sleep, I choose easy.

This is also going to be difficult because, while I work in a retail environment, my place of employment does not contain a large selection of healthy choices. It’s also mostly all processed food. But it’s accessible. There is a grocery store next door, so if I’m ever feeling frisky that’s the place.

And finally, intermittent fasting. I have done a tiny bit of research and I know that it’s not shown to be super effective for everyone. And most of the fasting will take place, at least initially, while I sleep.

I’m going to start with a 12 hr fast, 8pm-8am. I will also only fast on days I work. And to be honest, I’m already getting hunger pains. But that could be gas.

I also get dry mouth often, so I’m not counting my lozenges, or my medicine.

Honestly that is as far as I’ve gotten so far. My spite game moves faster than my planning game. But if I stick to it like I have these daily posts, the. I’m libel to prove everyone, including myself, wrong.