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Friday, January 6, 2023

“On the evening of Tuesday January 3, 2023, the family of Cora Wilkins reported her missing. The missing persons report was only filed after extensive inquiries were made by family, with other family members and friends, as well as a check in with her place of employment.

Once the report was filed, investigation began on determining Mrs. Wilkins whereabouts. The first step was contacting her employer, where she should have checked in the morning she was reporting missing. Mrs Wilkins employers state that she in fact did not clock in for her morning shift.

They also informed authorities that she had been issued a cellular telephone that was the property of the company. Approval from the home office location of said company to obtain any records was given, however Mrs Wilkins had not acquired service for said phone.

However, they did give authorities the information with which to track the phone and those records are currently pending.

It was determined through questioning family members that Mrs Wilkins had a personal cell phone, and her provider was contacted about those records, and they are pending as well. It should also be noted that neither of Mrs Wilkins phones have been located and efforts to ping them have failed.

The next step was determining a timeline, including when she was last scene. The last person to communicate with Mrs Wilkins was her husband, Clay Wilkins, and their daughter who will not be named for privacy reasons.

Mr Wilkins last saw his wife when she left for work the morning she went missing. She left their home at roughly 6:35 am. Mr Wilkins reports that he did in fact hear his wife’s vehicle, a 2012 Dodge Ram, start up and leave their driveway.

From that point Mrs Wilkins was supposed to drive from her home to her workplace, a roughly 12 mile drive. The 13-16 minute drive has three different routes. The route most frequently taken my Mrs Wilkins is a curvy two lane drive, portions of which are near a river. These areas are protected by guardrail but also have steep drop offs in most places.

Initial thorough search of the route found no damaged nor missing guardrail. Weather history from the time she would have driven the route gave unseasonably warm weather, so roads were unlikely to be slick or dangerous with ice. This only means there is no evidence to suggest that Mrs Willis might have lost control of her vehicle. There was no other evidence of any kinds of accidents along that route.

We next determined that accessing security camera footage from businesses and homes along the route in order to track Mrs Wilkins path was vital. We are currently in contact with the county judge to determine whether legal documentation is required.

It is important to note that this is being treated as a missing persons case. No foul play is suspected at this time, and there’s no evidence that Mrs Wilkins is under any duress or in any danger. We believe that where ever she is, she left of her own volition. However, family and friends say that these events or anything similar would be not at all characteristic of her.

At this time we ask that if anyone has any tips or leads that may lead to the whereabouts to get us closer to finding Mrs Wilkins, contact us as soon possible.

Mrs Cora Wilkins is of average height and heavy build. She has short red hair and green gray eyes. She was last scene wearing a NASA tshirt, jeans, light gray sneakers and a white jacket.

She was traveling alone in a olive green 2012 Dodge Ram. Identifying characteristics of the vehicle, in addition to the unique color, are a silver/ glitter sticker of a frog on the tailgate and light dimpling and damage on both front and rear bumpers.

Mrs Wilkins would also be traveling alone, as all of her known contacts and people she is close too have all been contacted at this time. Any information you may have can be submitted by contacting the local sheriffs office or the anonymous tip line if you choose.

We are still gathering evidence and we will not stop until we find Mrs Wilkins, hopefully safe and sound.”

To be continued