All of the website things that I’ve spent money on to keep this little nonsense blog a float, for the third year has been paid for. So until February and March of 2024, this website will be up and running.

At that time I will not renew the domain name, premium subscription, or g suite.


Because none of my fiction posts, which is why I started this blog in the first place, get any attention, while anything and everything Spite Diet, gets likes multiple times a day, every single day. I am not a diet blogger, but that is what the people want.

I really done have a niche. I do all kinds of blogging here. But none of the stuff that I really love gets any attention, and I’ve kind of lost hope.

I’ve lost hope in a lot of things but this was the one place I thought…

Well I’m dumb. Clearly. I wanted to write and craft and art. But the internet wants to read about my diet.

Which, by the way, is going horribly. I’ve lost my will. I hate meal prep. I neglect to log my food and I’ve had all the things I’m “not supposed to” I’m probably back over 300 but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks. My appointment is on Monday and I dread it.

No one is gonna read that, I’m not completely stupid. There’s still a morsel of logic left in my brain. I know that no one finds anything here interesting unless it’s about me losing weight.

Wasting my time.