I decided to do this on a whim. My last post was about what I eat when I have to work. Here’s what my day off is like.

6:00 (ish): my husband wakes me up so I can get The Kid ready for school. She likes mg day la off because I let her watch TTS that I filter before she goes to school.

7:00: The Hubs leaves with the kid and texts me that she did great getting out and into the school. He does this because sometimes we can tell how her day is going to go based on her mood. But it’s not always a good indicator.

After he does that, and tells me to have a good day and that he loves me, I watch some TikToks myself.


9:45: I force myself out of the bed, knowing if I don’t get up I’ll get a migraine from too much sleep, even though I’m super comfy. I sleep later knowing if I’m fasting, I don’t usually eat until 8:30 or later.

Todays breakfast: whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter, cinnamon sugar and a banana. With a cup of almond milk.

12:30pm: Lunch time. Every time I go to hard boil eggs I have to Google it. Every time. I’m and I didn’t pay attention to said boiling eggs and under boiled them. Then I put them back in and they came out perfect. Anyway, my egg salad consisted of four eggs, about three tablespoons or Mayo, some dill relish, and a tad bit of mustard. I ate it with one whole wheat tortilla and a slice of white bread. And it was delicious.

6:00pm: Dinner was tacos. I was going to make some chicken and quinoa but got lazy and distracted by The Sims. The hubs made dinner? For which I’m grateful.

The hard thing about dieting and using an app to track your meals and macros is that not everything is easy to track. I can’t throw into the app how much of a taco seasoning packet I ate, because I don’t know. And I don’t know if he used the Great Value or the Old El Paso.

Also, what if my mother in law makes dinner? I don’t know what she puts in her vegetable soup or her soup beans.

It really is a struggle, so dieting isn’t an exact science. You just gotta try, I guess.

I’m just trying to be a hair bit more consistent I guess