I’ve had muscle cramps worse than the labor pain i experienced.


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What are muscle cramps

Screenshot from the Google

I usually get mine at night, after waking up and stretching. They mostly happen in my calf muscle of either leg (my right most frequently), but I’ve had them in a number of areas. Here’s a handy list!

  • Thigh
  • Bend of my leg at the hip
  • Bottoms of feet/toes
  • Hands/fingers
  • Neck
  • Back, various areas
  • Sides
  • Belly
  • It is worth mentioning that I have also gotten them in my driving leg, while driving.

I have had them worse than the labor I have experienced. I did end up with an epidural eventually but I went through a not insignificant amount of labor before it was administered. Someone once told me, before I had my child, that labor pain was nothing like a muscle cramp. They probably never had my muscle cramps.

How are they treated.

Typically I can flex, stretch, or twist out if mine. Leg? Just flex in the opposite direction, back while getting comfortable enough to sleep, twist the right way. Foot while trying to get comfortable enough to sleep, just stretch.

Sometimes I have to get up and walk them off. Like tonight, which is why I’m sitting on the toilet writing a blog post about cramps, at 4am.



When I started to flex my leg/foot to ease the cramp in my calf, it decided it didn’t like that direction either. I had absolutely no way to ease it without standing up and putting weight on it.

And sometimes it is physically impossible for me to put weight on it.

Story Time

One night when the whole house was asleep (me, my husband, my child) I woke up and angered the gods somehow and got a cramp in my leg. I could not flex out if it so I sat up with my feet in the floor. The cool floor and the act of planting my feet sometimes grounds me I think. Anyway, it wouldn’t go away and proceeded to worsen.

And that’s when the other leg, IN THE EXACT. SAME. SPOT decided to cramp. it became so incredibly painful that my usual “suffer in silence” motto was forgotten and I called out in pain. A lot. Not only did I wake my sleeping child, but my husband, who sleeps like a rock (or used too).

“Mommy are you ok?” My child asked.

“Yes baby, mommy is just in pain right now.” Despite being scared, this kid was patting me on the back as I suffered a double cramp. My husband came in the room and asked if there was anything he could do.

Put me out of my misery if it doesn’t stop soon.

Is what I said.

I asked for a bottle of water because somehow I simultaneously am dying of thirst and need to tinkle during and post cramp.

After what seemed like hours but was in reality more like minutes, it let up, very slowly and one leg at a time.

Other Treatment

Besides everything that I do, the Google says to apply hot or cold to the area. I have done that with little to no effect, besides wanting to burn my leg off.

Also the Google.

The google says to seek medical care if your symptoms are severe. Honestly from the list above the only one I haven’t experienced in all my years of muscles disobeying me, is the “swelling, redness or skin changes.”

Lately* I get them very rarely but they usually build up. Small cramps here and there in different locations in my body until the crescendo of a doozy. I have been calling these “devil cramps”. These are worse than child birth.

*subject to change


Not the Google. The Mayo Clinic

I’ve talked to a doctor about them but I’ve never been given a definitive answer. From what I can tell mine are probably from muscle overuse or dehydration. But I work the exact same and no extra most of the time, but I drink a decent amount of water, though not enough probably. I’ve also had blood work come back “slightly low” in calcium.

I’ve also seen literally everyone get them. Young people, old people. My dad used to have leg cramps every night. But then he had a heart attack sometime later and they’ve let up some.

My mom got them in her hands when her calcium, potassium, or magnesium were low. At least that’s what that one not-so-bad-looking ER doctor said.


My cramp tonight is long gone and it’s almost 5am on my day off. I have sufficiently been distracted. That’s better than singing the “There Was A Hole” song until it goes away. The goal was to “not give the cramp power” or something. I kept forgetting the words.


As always, thanks for reading


A few little things

Sorry dude. These trying times no one trusts anybody so I’m not picking up a hitchhiker on the side of the road.

me this morning when i saw a dude thumbing for a ride.

Got up this morning feeling like garbage. Probably because I don’t sleep well, among other things.

I woke up thinking of the last thing I want to think about, and it’s making me feel worse.

Things that can't just resolve themselves tend to haunt me over and over again. There's not much more I can do about it that let it go.

It feels like a person shouldn’t wake up from what’s supposed to be 6-8 hours of sleep, feeling like garbage. But hey, that’s my life.

“Choo Choo I’m a train and I’ll run you over.” Anyone higher on the pay grade food chain.

Sometimes I feel appreciated and sometimes I feel absolutely used.

Gray is Glass



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Gray Pearl Set

Gray glass pearl set with teardrop pendant. Includes necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings. Silver findings. Necklace length is adjustable.


If you’d like to see more photos or have any questions please email me!

Crash Landing Nail Balm


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Nail & Cuticle Balm. All-natural nail balm.

Ingredients: beeswax, Shea butter jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil, and lemon essential oil.

Great remedy for dry cuticles and nails, dry, peeling skin around nails. Apply to clean painted or unpainted nails (If you apply before painting nails, polish won’t stick. Apply after nails are dry).

Excellent addition to your self care routine! I like to apply at night before bed, massaging into cuticles and nails and around skin.

I also have a pot o massage into rough callused parts of my feet. Instant visible change.

One pot will last ages! Made to order! $5 a pot!

*(Small tins coming soon)*

If you’d like to order email me!

Stupid “News” of the Day


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I read so you don’t have too.

In a word: yes. A dermatologist said something along the lines of up until puberty bathing your kids once a week is perfect. Once puberty hits, you’re gonna smell them so once a day.

Kutcher says “if you see the dirt, bathe them, if not you’re wasting you’re time.” Basically.

He’s not the only one, as Dax Shepherd and spouse Kristen Bell do the same.

The simple fact is this article is pandering to normal peoples’ desires to either live vicariously through or judge celebrities. We want a reason to hate them or to love them.

Personally I think they sound like normal people. “Im super busy so I’ll wash my kid if they smell weird but I ain’t got time for nonsense.

It puts the lotion on its skin or else it…loses its protective capacity.

Moisturize the kids (and adults) after bathing because your skin doesn’t do the thing it’s meant to as well as it should.

Wash your pits and your “junk” more frequently. Because… well… duh.

(In case you don’t know those get the stinkiest).

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My kid hates a bath. Until she’s in it and then she doesn’t want out.

Quickie Fiction


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The Concept

An experiment in which I randomly generate three words and attempt to write a short fiction using them. It’s 11:34pm and I’ve been up since 6am. Wish me luck!

The Words:
The Fiction:
Blue Skies Are Boring

The sky was angry. Well, it wasn’t just angry. It was furious, like someone pissed in its Cheerios. It looked like it wanted to go John Wick on the culprit. But it withheld its revenge, for the moment.

Why is it every funeral Jay ever attended involved inclement weather? Snowing, raining, the gods taking their wrath upon mortal man for his misdeeds. There was always something.

“Blue skies are boring,” Katie mumbled. She had her forehead leaning against the cool glass of the passenger door, staring at the clouds, and until that moment was silent. “Nothing to see in them,” she added.

Jay glanced over at her, then glanced back out the driver’s side of the windshield. He wanted to focus on the string of cars in front of him.

“You’re gonna have a mark,” Jay told Katie. She said nothing. “On your forehead, from leaning against the window. A big ole red mark. People will wonder if I bonked you on the noggin.”

Katie shrugged but he could see out the corner of his eye she tried not to smile. He liked it when she smiled. He hadn’t seen her smile in a few days.

The procession of cars slowly came to a stop, but then continued slower as they made the final turn to the gravesite. Cars lined themselves along the fence, and people in various shades of black climbed out, and made their way silently to the graveside.

Katie flipped down the visor and looked in the mirror. “Told ya.” Jay said. She punched him in the arm and he laughed as he feigned pain. They walked side-by-side in silence.

Mourners had gathered, sitting and standing at the side of the closed casket, settling in as the officiant waited patiently. When everyone had placed themselves he began to speak of the deceased like one would hope to be spoken of in this moment. Good deeds, a big heart, loved by many, good person. Missed but no longer suffering. Blah blah blah.

These were all the same, Jay thought. And the older you get the more people you lose. He’d been to more than his fair share. He’ll skip the next one. This one, however, he could not.

After the words were spoken and tears shed it was time to pay final respects, say their final goodbyes. “Would I be a fool to believe we’ll see each other again?” He thought as he watched people step up to the casket, touch it gently, and walk away. “I think I’d prefer foolishness.”

He took his step up, placed a hand on the cream colored casket. The subtle gleam of pink pearliness seemed to glow despite the low light. He spread his fingers there and pressed as if to leave a mark in its perfect surface. When he removed his hand, for a split second, a fog remained—the heat of his hand on the cool surface—but that was all.

He turned and walked away, and glanced back. The sight he saw shook him. The lowering of the casket into the fresh hole, surrounded by strangers ready complete the task. And Katie. Standing there, watching him go.

For the first time in days he let himself feel it. He choked back a sob, a tear rolled down his cheek.

Katie smiled, waved a small wave. She mouthed the words, “I will see you again, big brother.” Then she smiled up at the sky.

Jay felt the first big drops of rain pelt his head and he too looked up. When he looked back she was gone. “Then a fool I’ll be.”

The Conclusion:

If you read I would love comments and/criticisms. This was a whim of an idea. I literally thought of it five minutes before I started. This is also the first fiction I’ve written in a very long time. It took a darker turn than I imagined, but when your words include “funeral” why not? Also it took me an hour.

Thanks for Reading


My Crappy Teeth and Me


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Growing up, taking care of our teeth wasn’t the number one priority for my parents. I might have mentioned such in a previous post. But I do not recall being forced or reminded to brush my teeth all that often.

Also, as a twenty-something adult I went to the dentist. Only because apparently I had a tooth coming in where a tooth already was.


Thinking about that now, it seems to be an issue in the family! My niece has a tooth behind her baby tooth that came in because she was “too scared” to wiggle her baby tooth. The fact that she’d already lost a tooth or two before that… and now my child, who has already had some dental work, as a tooth coming in behind another tooth.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about my terrible horrible no good very bad teeth. I am of course exaggerating. Mine are, well, here. I know one or two people younger than me that have gotten rid of their natural teeth all together due to pain.

When I was a kid, there’s was a point at which my dad was out of work so we were on government benefits. And my mom being the ambitious smart person she is, decided it was high time we all go to the dentist.

Us four kids, not herself. Lort forbid she take care of herself.

Anyway before freshman year of high school (jobs and insurance came and went. Eventually he found a steady job) I had a mouth full of shiny fillings.

Actually I had about three REALLY bad teeth. Like, the dentist barely had to tug to get the pieces of two teeth out. One tooth was filled, one or two pulled and one actually grew in where one was missing. When I went to have the tooth pulled to make room for the rapidly descending permanent tooth IN MY 20s, the dentist said I still had several baby teeth.

Now, it’s been a while since all these fillings (like, decades) so my numbers are off. But I currently have three fillings in my bottom teeth.

Here’s the problem: it never occurred to me that these fillings could get cavities. But decades of wear and not brushing like I should, well duh goober.

So all of these teeth probably (yeah they do) have decay, (I looked closely).

I knew I needed some work but it didn’t occur to me that it was getting desperate until I was minding my own business and felt something just floating around in my mouth at work.

So, I think, hmm that’s odd. So I fish it out, and lo and behold. A tiny chip of tooth about the size of a sesame seed. And much harder. I hadn’t bitten down in anything, I hadn’t been grinding my teeth (like my kid).

But it was there, as sure as can be. In my hand while people walked around me. It didn’t take long to find where it came from.

And guess what

It came from—that’s right! A FILLED TOOTH.

Now, if one has a flashlight they can clearly see a hole burrowed into my tooth UNDERNEATH THE FILLING.

Not only that, but after a thorough brushing AND MOUTHWASH I was able to fish out DEBRIS. There is already stuff getting in the hide-y hole in my tooth. The chip happened two days ago!

And tomorrow is Memorial Day. So I will not be able to get a dental appointment until after Tuesday. So I’ll be carrying mouthwash and dental paraphernalia around until somebody can yank it out my mouth hole.

The sad thing? It’s not usually that side that bothers me…

Thanks for reading.


There’s Something Wrong With Me

After a period of time without major issues with my heart, it has decided to wake right up and say, “Hey, have you forgotten about me?” and “remember that time I was causing you problems and you were too scared to tell anyone so you worried yourself until you finally had to say something? Well, guessss whaaaaaat?!”

Two nights ago, it started, and its been worrying me and also driving me a little but nuts. It comes and goes and mostly does it when I’m resting but sometimes when I’m doing stuff. Or maybe it just seems like that since I am distracted when I’m doing stuff.

I feel like it could have many contributing factors. When putting my medicine together for the week, I forgot to put my aspirin in the weekly pill manager. I also have been out of my iron for the last few days (though I had enough for a few days, and I have forgotten it before and never had an issue like this). I have also been very stressed and depressed for some time now. I think the combination of those two things can make my heart out of whack. Stressy and Depressy.

Looking back, I have had at least one symptom that could have warned me of the oncoming issue.

I have had muscle cramps as long as I can remember. Generally they are very mild and something I can flex or reposition myself out of. These I call low level cramps. I have had a great deal of these lately. Over the past few weeks to be more precise. And then a few nights ago, before my heart started its shenanigans again, I had two high level cramps. They were in the same leg, two different muscle groups/areas, and only about an hour apart. High level cramps are ones that I physically have to get up and walk off. Cramps that I cannot wiggle around or flex a limb and work out.

Now there is one other type of cramp and those are devil cramps, these are extremely rare for me but I used to have them much more frequently. I have had these cramps make me wish for death. I have woken up my child, who sleeps next to me, and my husband who sleeps in another room (I have thrown up right next door to him and he has not woken up). Unless I get one of these in the next few days, these are not the topic.

The increase in frequency of my cramps should have warned me that something is up. Sorta like getting heartburn is a sign I forgot to take my stomach meds for a few days. Hey something is wrong here.

I know that the issue is NOT caffeine. In the four or five years since all these issues began I have learned how much caffeine I can and cannot handle. I know that one can of Pepsi, one sweet sweet icy cold can of P-E-P-S-I will not jack my heart up for 48 flippin’ hours. And the last can of the glorious brown liquid I had was the day before, at about 10am. The issue reared its ugly head around 11pm the next day. I also haven’t had any since. Both by choice and because of this issue.

If you cannot tell I really want a can of Pepsi. There is also icy cold Mountain Dew in the refridgerator. But im not that stupid. I will stick to my Lipton Herbal Iced Tea thankyouverymuch (not sponsored). Also I am almost out and I’m afraid it was a limited thing so *sadface*.

Anyway the reason why I’m saying all this here is because I don’t like to bother anyone. I don’t want to worry anyone. But its probably not a good thing. Same with the Stressy and Depressy. I need to talk to someone and its really difficult for me for some reason, mostly the burden thing. And also because everyone has their own problems and your problems might be a different level of concern for them than their own. I don’t want anyone to think I want to be the center of attention.

Also I am hoping that getting something out of my head and into some other form will help me somewhat. I am basically paying for a premium account and a domain name so I can have a very public forum with which to destress. Or vent. Both.

I do plan on calling my cardiologist tomorrow. The problem I am facing is two fold. First, I don’t know when they will be able to get me in. And also, since this problem began (I had never seen a cardiologist until this started) I have seen three different cardiologists. So if the last one I saw (who I think is actually just an APRN I’m not 100%) decided that he wanted to move away too, then I will have to explain the WHOLE THING AGAIN. And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have never officially been diagnosed with ANYTHING. I am on medicine and that’s it.

I have also had at least two echos and one stress test. And believe me it was a battle to get the insurance to cover the stress test. They said I was “too young” to have heart problems. But eventually, my doctor AT THE TIME convinced them i needed it it, albiet without the fancy stuff. just me on a treadmill with varying degrees of dificutly and some monitors. Oh i had a heart monitor or two.

Anyway, this has gone on longer that I wanted it to, so I’m ending this here. And because I have the need to tell you things, I will keep you posted.

Maybe at some point I will have something more interesting to say.

Thanks for Reading


You don’t need… To Be a Perfect Mom


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Episode Two

Because they don’t exist.

You Just Need to be a Good One

In order to be a good mom, you need to love your kids, care for them, provide for their needs, and show them you care. Understand they they have their limits just as you have yours.

You’re not a bad mom if you want some quiet time to yourself. And you’re not a good mom just because you don’t ask for that time, or you prefer not to have it.

But you also need to take good care of yourself in order to take good care of your kids. If you’re not in a good place physically, mentally, emotionally, you might have a difficult time caring for someone else. Especially when they might be able to see that.

Children are intuitive. They know things. They sense things. My kid knows when I’m depressed. She’s especially loving on those days. I check myself before I problems affect her or our relationship.

There is no such thing as the perfect mom, but I’ve met and experienced some pretty darn good ones. Well all have our flaws. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try our best.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommas. New Moms, old moms. Moms that are biological, moms that aren’t. Step moms, bonus moms. Adoptive, Mom-in-laws. The aunts and grandmas who are raising someone’s babies. There are all kinds of moms. Out there. And I know someone thinks you’re a good one, even if you don’t think you are sometimes.