Pretend Fantasy Novel – New Title Coming Soon

The land of Arynthel has been struck by strife. Newborn livestock is dying not long after birth, freshwater sources across the land have become tainted, and plants are drying before the fruits can be harvested. One man finds these are the mark of a long-forgotten prophecy documented long ago in a book called Libram Provindetia. He informs the king that measures must immediately be taken to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

Far away from the castle, on her small family farm, Caelyn, the eldest daughter, must leave home. Armed with only her father’s sword and her companion, a clever raven named Warren, she begins her journey. But she soon finds herself unwittingly pulled into an adventure not of her own choosing.

Will they succeed in their mission to save the world, or will the shards they collect become their undoing?

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