Click the book covers to access each story. Below is a description of each story.

The Silent Secret Twenty years ago, before her high school graduation, a Haley Sullivan went missing, after a long search, no evidence was recovered, and the town of Black Pines gave up hope. Now, just in time for their high school reunion, Haley’s closest friends receive postcards from their hometown. There is no return address, only the line: “Have you forgotten about Haley?” Someone knows what happened to Haley the night of the bonfire at the lake. And her childhood friend Lucy will return to Black Pines. But will she learn the secret?

Pretend Fantasy Novel In January 2022, I was bored and posed the question, via a poll, “Pretend I’m Writing an epic fantasy Novel. Who’s the main character?” That eventually spiraled into what you will soon be reading. Please note: This entire description is comprised of details gathered from the polls in the Facebook Group CrashdLanding Site. It is chaotic, but there will soon be a proper synopsis. Currently the story is about a woman named Caelyn, who has a raven named Warren, who she raised from an egg. They live in a land called Arynthel, where they are unwittingly pulled into an unintended adventure. She is “recruited” to help stop a prophecy from being fulfilled, by collecting shards of something that fell from the sky. Her weapon of choice is a sword. The evil villain is the last person you’d expect (but honestly it’s a fantasy so everyone is out for their own good basically). She had to leave her large happy family for reasons unrelated to the prophecy (?). The prophecy was found by a man named Arles, a master of knowledge and member of the council of the king of Arynthel, Favin. The book the prophecy is found in is called Libram Provindetia.

Pages to both stories will be posted every other week., ie SS one week, PFN the next.

The goal is for one subscription to cover both stories. But the only flaw in that plan is that PFN was going to be free access for a select group of people who were involved in its creation. I however do not want to give SS away for free to anyone.


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