Pretend Fantasy Novel

“Pretend Fantasy Novel” is the placeholder name/ title for a fantasy novel currently in the workshopping/outlining stage. It started as a hashtag and a poll in my Facebook group that eventually became a real thing I am struggling trying to work on. This page will be the home base for all the updates on the story, if you aren’t following along in the group. My work in fairly sporadic currently (I promise I’m trying to improve) but should improve over time. Once completed the story will be “gifted to” certain individuals who have most frequently participated in production (poll voting). Those people are already written down, so no more entries! The story will also be self-published, eventually, and will be available for purchase on Amazon.

Update 02/22/23

The story is currently in writing mode. While it is in first, rough draft stage, the pages will be posted to the website via premium account. This will also include notes as well as facts relating to the story, as it is being written. This means that I will post rough draft pages for reading, but it will not be final copy. Still also working out the kinks of sharing it for free to the lucky participants who have helped make it a reality. I honestly know those are the only people who will read it anyway.

The Story So Far (updated 8/26)

So far, our fantasy story takes place in a land called Arynthal, and stars our main character Caelyn and her trusty Raven sidekick Warren. Caelyn is an adult woman, who comes from a large middle class–surviving but not struggling–family, obeys and respects her parents; they are the reason she does things. She has several brothers and sisters. Caelyn has long red hair (Side note: I vote in absolutely zero of these polls and coincidentally, her name is one I made up myself many years ago and never used, and most of my characters I envision with long red hair). She met her sidekick when she hatched him from an egg and raised him. I took slight liberties with this poll. You can read about their origin story here.

The main plot point of the book is that a man named Arles discovered that a long-forgotten prophecy, (as yet unnamed) found in a book called the Libram Provindetia, is coming true. All the signs are pointing to the beginning of the end of the world (ready a hastily written version of the prophecy here). Our main character, Caelyn, and you can’t forget Warren, are unwittingly dragged into this nonsense. Through all of these, Caelyn and her best friend Warren the Raven must face a villain that is the last person you’d expect.

Also, Caelyn carries a sword and there’s a King somewhere named Favian.

Things to Note:

  • Title Poll has been made and will close on 2/22/23! I will be workshopping titles soon but will mostly just refer to the story as “pretend fantasy novel” or PFN.
  • If you’d like to join the FB group, membership is open, but posts and comments are moderated.
  • The most frequent updates are in the group or my page (all links will be below).
  • I do have a fulltime job as well as a child so I post when I can. Bear with me.
  • FB polls do not allow for a set end date, but I usually call it within a week. There’s not usually that many votes.


  • Caelyn & Warren (Main Character)
  • Libram Provindetia which holds the prophecy
  • Arles (figure’s out the prophecy is happening
  • Arynthal, the land.
  • King Favin, King of Arynthel
  • Shards, prophecy,
  • to be continued…

This page will be updated when significant progress is made. Follow or join me on my socials below for more frequent updates!