Stickers By Crashdlanding & The Kid

SW Mr Beast

“Mr. Beast” Sticker by The Kid.

“Mr. Beast is my favorite Youtuber!” I highly doubt that, but okay. The first picture The Kid decided she wanted to be a sticker! I helped with the shape of the logo, but she did all the rest, including picking the colors. This sticker will be a 3-inch circle. All proceeds from sales of stickers by The Kid will go to The Kid.


SW Mo 2

“Mo the Cat” Sticker by The Kid

Mo the Cat, our feline family member, represented in sticker form by The Kid herself. But don’t call him fat, she doesn’t like that. Even if he is “rotund”. You can call him big boy. He is, in fact, quite chill. She also wouldn’t sign her initials, I had to do it. Sticker is roughly 3.7 by 3 inches. All proceeds from sales of stickers by The Kid will go to the kid.



“Sunflower Bro” Sticker by Crashdlanding

This sunflower was drawn during my first Drawing Challenge (there’s a blog post and a youtube video, i think). I added “Bro You Are My Sun” as a reference to a meme about how sunflowers look at each other when the sun is not out. I thought it was great, okay. This sticker is roughly 3 inches by 3 inches.


“Well ‘Chocolate Pudding'” Sticker By Crashdlanding

Sometimes you want to say something without really saying it, you know? This is a cute way of saying a thing. Unless you can’t read curisve. I’m working on that though. Sticker will be 3 inches tall, die cut.


More Sticker’s Coming Soon!

Have an idea for a sticker? Email me!

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