Stickers By Crashdlanding & The Kid

All Stickers are print on demand, allow 1-3 days for printing and shipping. Stickers are shipped via USPS unless otherwise indicated. See bottom of page for information on commissions.

*New* Daisy Lookout by CrashdLanding

My mom passed away five years ago. We spread her ashes into the wind near the Cape Lookout Lighthouse in North Carolina. She loved daisies, because my papaw, her dad, loved daises. This is a sticker in honor of her. Eventually I will grow a pair of daisies and have it tattooed on my wrist. Until then, I’m gonna slap it on my water bottle. Sticker is 3 inches wide by 4.62 inches high.


*New* Send Noods Sticker by CrashdLanding

The only noods one should send are these. Who doesn’t love a good cheap cup of ramen? The poorly drawn chopsticks were added as an afterthought because my good friend Bethany said it needed it. I’m not mad at it. This sticker is 3 inches wide by 4 inches high.


“We Love Clive” Sticker by Crashdlanding

This was a commission. Actually this was a “waste of my time and effort” sticker that no one will buy. Because it is legit a “you have to read the book”. Situation, and I still have not. Clive is the town moose in of Lovewell Maine, a fictional town in “Wood You Marry Me” by Daphne Elliot. I have never read the book (y’all book people don’t come for me). But I found the inclusion of the moose kind of hilarious. The sticker is 3 inches wide by 2.81 inches high. its also moose shaped. and stupid


“Mandala” by CrashdLanding

This was a “power outage/no internet” therapy artwork for me. Thought it would look cool as a sticker. 3 inch by 3 inch


“Strawberry Cow” by the Kid

Some asked the kid to draw a cow (for another thing). She said okay and then went to her room. She came back ten or twenty minutes later with this. She called it a strawberry cow. Also: strawberries plus cows equal strawberry cows. All proceeds from stickers by The Kid go to the Kid.


“Not today Strawberry Cow” By The Kid and Crashdlanding (A Collab

This was the reason someone asked the kid to draw a cow. I added the phrase which wasn’t my idea. That was Merny. 2.5in X 3.14in All sales from The Kid’s sticker’s go to the kid.


“Choose Kindness” by Crashdlanding

I’m 90% sure that this is a phrase already used by someone else, but I don’t think there’s a copyright on it so I’m probably not doing a crime. Honestly, I got the idea for this one from a TikTok. Eventually I’ll have one that says “Choose Chaos” because it’s funny.


“Do what you love” by Crashdlanding

Once upon a time I saw a piece of wall art that said “Do What You Love” but with flowers all around it. I liked the idea of using words and flowers to create graphic art so much I wanted to poke fun at it a little. And sleeping is doing what I love. 4.71 inches long by 2 inches high.


“You Tried” by Crashdlanding



“Chuck it Bucket” by Crashdlanding

It all started with me telling The Hubs that I wanted to own one of those digital billboards and place, amongst the ads for doctor’s offices and restaurants, a random word. Like “bucket” just for people to do a double take and be all like “what”. So then I drew a bucket. And then I thought of that line.


“Just the flower” by Crashdlanding

The original flower from my first drawing challenge, without all the silly words. I think it turned out pretty good. Size 2.5 inches by 2.33 inches.


“Mo the Cat” Sticker by The Kid

Mo the Cat, our feline family member, represented in sticker form by The Kid herself. But don’t call him fat, she doesn’t like that. Even if he is “rotund”. You can call him big boy. He is, in fact, quite chill. She also wouldn’t sign her initials, I had to do it. Sticker is roughly 3.7 by 3 inches. All proceeds from sales of stickers by The Kid will go to the kid.


“Mr. Beast is My Favorite YouTuber” By The Kid

The Kid just came up to me one day and said, “Mr Beast is my favorite youtuber.” She’s honestly seen maybe three of his videos. Anyway she decided she wanted to draw his logo. I helped with the outline but that’s pretty much it. All proceeds from sales of The Kid’s stickers go to the Kid.


“Duck” Sticker By Crashdlanding

duck say quack. This was the second drawing challenge subject. If you want to know more about the drawing challenge, there’s a blog post or two, and my youtube. Sticker will be 3 inches tall, die cut.


“Bro You Are My Sun” by Crashdlanding

I saw a thing once about how sunflowers look at other sunflowers with the actual sun isn’t out. It was a funny meme. I thought of it when I was drawing this one.


“Well, Chocolate Pudding”

Let’s face it, we all know what this is supposed to be. Chocolate soft serve. *wink*.


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