Black Friday


made with Vanillapen

Now Available on Amazon!

Black Friday: A Zombie Story happens to be my favorite thing I’ve ever written. I mostly enjoyed writing it because others seemed to enjoy it.

It was written in honor and in respect of my “work family”. Many of them volunteered to be in the story, some even volunteered to be my victims. Fictionally, of course.

For all those who were involved with and enthralled by my story, I will always be thankful. Because without them, it would have just one more dud added to my growing pile of unfinished fiction.

“Black Friday: A Zombie Story” is currently only available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle book. I plan on removing it and selling it myself. It will have been edited with a new cover. I feel this will be a better option. Paperback and Hardcover will both be available!




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