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The cover of my novel "Darkness" not my best work

The cover of my novel “Darkness” not my best work

Since my last post, much has happened. Mostly devastation and sadness. Mostly concerning my mom. On Thursday July 3, she was transferred from our local hospital, to one two hours away. On Saturday, she ended up needing emergency surgery to remove the offending problem. I won’t go into to much detail, but she is now currently on the ventilator in the Surgical ICU. Two hours away. Its a very sad, very distressing situation, and it doesn’t help in the least that I’m pregnant.

I have frequently wondered if my “horror-moans” are more out of whack than those of other pregnant women. I’ve cried so much in the last ten days that I’m surprised I’m not dehydrated.

Anyway, in  light of these events, I decided one evening, coming home from work, that I would say “Screw it” and throw together the files and such necessary to complete the self-publishing process on “Darkness”. I was up until about 4am this morning–or yesterday, whatever–working on cover related things, fixing interior file errors, and uploading documents. I am content to say that the process for both Paperback and Kindle Book formats are complete, and I am simply awaiting confirmation that they have both gone live.

If you happen to have a CreateSpace account, you can already purchase a paperback copy of the book for $8.99. You may be able to find it with this LINK.

Please forgive any errors and typos and hideous covers. I’m not the best proofreader (I also got to lazy to do it all over again) and I’m not a skilled graphic artist. If you decide to purchase it, I hope you at least enjoy the story.