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There is a list of things I’ve been meaning to do.
1. Throwback Thursday #4: more Black Friday: The only reason I got it up in time last week was because I’d scheduled the post 24 hours before. I neglected and/or forgot this week. So no throwing back of the Thursday. I might mix things up a bit and do a Forgotten Friday, or some junk.

2. Legendary Heart Foundation post: I’ve been meaning to write an article/post in support of the Legendary Heart Foundation for weeks. I ended up going back to work from leave before I could even finish the post. I will get to it, hopefully soon! In the meantime visit this LINK to find out more.

3. All The President’s Students: Today (or last night or something) I came across a post where people were complaining that the school district where I live was going to use President’s Day as a make up for snow days. The rage lies in the fact that they were apparently offended that MLK day wasn’t used. I plan a blog post on such a topic, hopefully around president’s day.

Wish me luck on the tasks at hand.