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And I won’t be for long!

I’ve witnessed one (and only one) too many parents holding their child down to have her ears pierced. 

The little girl wanted it done, but she didn’t want it to hurt. She knew it was going to hurt, and I wasn’t about to lie to her. 

I was, however, about to throttle her daddy into next Sunday. Daddy wanted to hurry. Daddy was calling her a wimp. 

I’d like to tell daddy “let’s get two people three times your size with something in their hands that is about to cause you pain as big as your little girl thinks she’s about to face. See if you’ll be thrilled.”

Parents: if you are thinking of or trying to convince your child to get its ears peirced, here’s some helpful hints: 

  1. Don’t take two kids to get theirs done SAME DAY. There’s a really good reason why we do both ears at the same time. 
  2. If your tried freaks out when they know they’re getting a shot at the doctor: DON’T get her ears peirced. 
  3. INFORM YOUR CHILD. It’s gonna hurt. Painfully, briefly. Uncomfortable for a little while. Eventually (and if they’re taken care of) they’ll forget they are there. 
  4. I’ve only done this like five times. In my experience as a peircer and a human being, there’s a small timeframe when it’s best to do this. Infants forget it very quickly. A five year old today, powered through like a champ. The six year old FREAKED OUT. I’m sure if she had been a few years older, she’d been fine. 
  5. If you think you’ll have to hold them down, and you don’t want my staring (glaring) a hole in the back of your head, then be careful where you put your hands on that child (I will go to jail, if I think you’ll hurt a child. Especially if it’s because that child is scared).

Honestly, after a few minutes of that youngun fighting we should have refused the piercing. We probably scarred her for life. In more ways than one. 

PS: my bet? She’ll have them out and gone within the week.