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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. For anyone that might have paid regular attention, I apologize. 

But I’m back now, again. For good, hopefully. I’ve learned that I need an outlet for things, when I can’t or won’t say them elsewhere. So here I’ll be. 

So let’s catch up. 

  • My day job, the place that’s supposed to pay the bills until my “big break” (ha) changed my position and I’m forced to work in a department I’ve despised since day one. And every other department as well. It has wore me down physically and mentally, and I’ve decided I cannot do it any more, the moving constantly or the forced upon do department. I’m going to request a change as soon as possible, or seek other employment. 
  • I’ve also decided to send “Black Friday: A Zombie Story” to an actual publisher. I’ve been told by several that it’s worthy. It’s currently going through a thorough revision from my friend “The Editor”. She’s literally a friend who outright volunteered! She’s also an English Major so I KNOW it’ll be thorough. 
  • I have been brainstorming ideas for “Black Friday: A Ghost Story”, though I have however hit several snags. One of which being Tiny Human’s demanding yet adorable existence. 
  • Before ANY significant work is done on BF2 I am determined to finish my last “Very Short Fiction, though I’ve written myself into a very deep hole. Like, rabbit whole depth. Yes. that rabbit hole. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for hilarious outrages and fictions galore!