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One Sunday, a very rare Sunday, when I was off work and we were headed home from some family function (Mother’s Day dinner at my sister’s house), I sat in the back seat next to my half asleep infant daughter, and we passed a church, just letting out of service. 

I thought, “I wish we belonged to a church.” Now, if you know me personally, I mean REALLY know me, you’d do a double take and give me a funny look. I’ve never been very religious, and I’ve questioned God on many an occasion–I know, not very Christian of me. Well, I’m not a Christian  

And after yesterday’s monumental and earth shaking Supreme Court decision, I completely backtrack on that Sunday, and take everything about that thought back. 

From the looks of my Facebook feed (the majority of people celebrated the decision, brandishing and displaying rainbows of color–there were multiple ones caught in KY the day before, due to late afternoon rain, ironically) there were a few people who deemed the news as incurring God’s wrath. 

The sad thing is, these people–I knew where’d they stand, despite my hopes they’d be open-minded–all preached damnation on all for this. The world will burn because gay people have the right to marry. The end is upon us because they’ve been given equal rights. 

No. Even if I had Sunday’s off and could attend a church service, even if I’d be exposing my daughter to a tight-knit community of people who may love and support each other in times of need, even if we became respected members of the church, I wouldn’t want to expose my tiny human to a group of people who might believe that, because the bible tells them so, other humans might not have the same rights has she. 

Why did I have that fleeting–and now almost regretted–thought that fateful Sunday eve? I saw a group of people talking to each other, shaking hands and hugging, saying goodbye as they parted ways. And I thought that a church group would bring us closer to other people in the community. I’d be good for us, I thought. Good for the baby. 

It’s a pleasant thought, yeah? Being a part of something like that? 

But I cannot be a part of something that would deny people the same rights as they. 

I’ve always told myself: I will not force my system of beliefs on my child. I’ll allow her to find her own way and her own happy place. I’ll guide her through and away from dangerous or illegal circumstances when I can, but she will be allowed to find her own truths and belief system. But I will teach her that a human is a human. No matter race, religion, gender, orientation, employment, financial, or welfare status. And all humans deserve the same rights. 

I am preparing a more detailed post on 6/26. Keep reading!