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For more than a month–I’m not sure really how long, I lost track of time–I’ve been seeing lots of images where people are defying courage. 

It all stems from the debut of Caitlyn Jenner, and the announcement that ESPN planned on giving her the Spirit Award at their annual ESPY Awards. 

While I am of the opinion that Caitlyn Jenner DIDN’T win a gold medal at any Olympics, Bruce Jenner, the man that participated in the event did, I am in support of Caitlyn and all she’s done and been through since she officially announced herself to the world. 

But what bothers me is that so many people are using their personal beliefs and fear of anything different to define something like courage. 

It’s those people who make what Caitlyn Jenner did and has been doing “Courageous”. Having the balls (sorry) to be a nationally known celebrity–someone whose life is in the spotlight–and stand up in front of a country filled with hate and show the world who you really are, in the face of all the hateful people, with your head up is courage. 

Yes, signing up for the military, going into war, fighting for freedom, getting shot at at blown up, all while away from your family for months at a time, all because ‘Merica, yep. Courage. 

Yes. Continuing through life, boldly and fully even though inside you’re battling cancer that will eventually take said life from you, and doing it with a smile is courage. 

Standing up for what you believe in, though you’ll be mocked and mistreated and abused? Courage. 

Being a teen mother who decides to keep her baby, though she has no support and she’ll be a single mother, all because she loves the child, even before its born. Knowing life will be tough and raising a child alone is hard, but being determined to give that child everything you can is courage. 

Coming out to family and friends as gay, despite the world of hate and bigotry and homophobia, but wanting to be true to who you are is also courage. 

Courage is risking your life by knowing entering dangerous flood waters to save another human being. (Context: Recent flash flooding in Johnson County, KY led to the loss of homes and lives. One man, Scott “Free” Johnson, risked and lost his life to try and save his grandmother and a young boy.) 

Just because you do not believe that something is a courageous act, doesn’t mean it’s not an act of courage.