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I’ve been debating these last few days on whether I should reactivate my Facebook page or not. 

On the one hand, it hasn’t been quite long enough for me to truly appreciate the lack of it in my life. 

On another hand, I keep in contact with my child’s daycare via Facebook, and they post pictures of events. I won’t be able to attend the Halloween party, because of work (eww), and I know there will be pictures. 

On yet another hand, I share videos and pictures of tiny human there, and that’s the only method for which my sister can see them when we’re apart. 

But, I also feel like, if I go back now, I’ll just be giving in. And people will probably say, “I knew she couldn’t do it!” Not that I really give a carp what people think. If I did I would have kept it, and spied. But I’m not like that. 

I don’t know. Probably going to give it a few more days.