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Also yes. I am back.

I’d like to officially announce my candidacy for president.

Haha. No. Seriously you couldn’t pay me enough…

As you might be able to tell, I am (actually) officially announcing the long awaited sequel to Black Friday: A Zombie Story!

Due to a recent surge in interest, mostly by the people around me, I have decided to ride the newfound popularity like it’s the cow jumping over the moon. Also people have been asking.

I think I’ve been avoiding it all these long years because I didn’t think it would ever get as much attention as the original, or that I could please people they way I didn’t with BF:AZS.

But the recent attention as brought the story, and how it ended back into my mind and my heart. And I want to make people happy.

The only problem is figuring out the logistics! With the plot and ending of the first one, how in Bob’s name are gonna open up a new chapter?!

But I’m sure gonna try!

Stay tuned for updates, you can find most here:

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