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Not been feeling well today, I don’t know if it’s unbalanced chemicals leading to depression and anxiety building up in my head or just me getting sick, again. But either way my head feels like it’s going to explode. Luckily it’s almost bedtime and there’s 800mg of ibuprofen on the case.

But you know me, Mrs Glutton for Punishment, I can’t not post!

Most interesting thing to happen today: I bought a rechargeable hand warmer. I paid $20 for it and should have, mostly because it needs charged now and I’m not feeling like getting up for it.

Went shopping with my husband without a child and we managed to get everything done we needed to before 6pm. It was crazy. I spend entirely too much and credit cards are the devil. But we also saved because of my work. So meh. Ok.

The Kid’s birthday is coming up soon! Tomorrow we begin the celebrations with ice cream at the local shop with her friend. The friend is a few years younger but besties is besties.

I’ve always worried that my girl would not be able to make friends but here we are, having ice cream with friends tomorrow! I’m so excited for her, and by golly I want ice cream too.

Anyway, it’s time for bed, i don’t think I can do this anymore lol. By “this” I mean stay awake.