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Some of my readers may remember when I was doing a feature called “Very Short Fiction” a few years ago. I stopped running the series because I was working on a story and happened to write myself into a hole. 

I’ve done this quite a few times since I’ve been writing, and it often happens with ideas I’ve fallen in love with. With the “Very Short Fiction” series, the stories were dedicated to, inspired by, and starring actual people–friends. So  getting stuck feels even worse. 

I’ve never forgotten about the unfinished “VSF” and it haunts me to this day. 

But now I have an idea. And since I’m at a pause in “Black Pines” I think I’ll start writing on this new  story idea. 

So, to Renae, I’m sorry I forgot you, thank you for loving Black Friday and wanting to share it with the world, and I promise I’ll make it up to you.

 I also already have a title: “Rapids”. I’ll get to writing and post as soon as I am able. 

 As always, thanks for reading.