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While I’ve already made the decision I needed to make, I am still going to lay out the pros and cons of it here, because its been took long since I got personal here. And were all going to suffer together, like the big unhappy family we are.


  • Significant Pay Raise
  • Faster accumulation of PTO/PPTO
  • Randomized Weekends off
  • Same number of scheduled hours
  • Slightly more autonomy
  • Sleep in some days
  • Being a boss


  • Unpredictable weekly schedule
  • Less time with The Kid
  • Would likely have to close by myself
  • Being a “gopher” to higher ups
  • More Stress
  • Being a boss
  • Not the position I would have picked for myself.

So, there has been a slight shake up at RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT. There was a vacancy in one department, which they ended up giving to someone who created a vacancy in another department. These vacancies were of equal caliber, but probably different pay grades. I did not at any point seriously consider a position any the first vacancy. However, the second vacancy gave me slight pause. “I could do this one,” I thought.

But I had sworn off trying for a promotion, for many reasons. My current position offers multiple benefits, the most important of which being my set schedule that is the same every day. The same hours a day, the same days off every week.Hours that allow me to be home with the kid in the evenings. I had been trying and hoping for these benefits for years. And I finaly got them a few years ago. And especially with everything that has gone on with her over the last few years, being home with her and having a regular schedule has been a benefit all of us.

But with all my money issues as of late, the increase in pay would reduce that stress and simply make my life easier (which makes me think of a “You Don’t Need…” post).

So, despite The Hubs telling me “I can’t tell you to do or not to do.” I have decided that I won’t be applying for the position that is open. I will only be leaving my current position at RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT if the one I want open’s up, or I keel over in the floor, and they push me out the way with a dry mop and move on. I mean, they’d probably at least put a caution cone near me so no one trips.

So my direct supervisors can relax, they’re not getting rid of me that easy.